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Akshauhini HR Services Pvt Ltd., popularly known by its brand name Akshauhini HRS, is helping hundreds of companies in India by automating their payroll management with payroll outsourcing, Statutory Compliances, Recruitment & Contract Labour services. Akshauhini HRS is one stop solution provider in Payroll, Recruitment, Statutory Compliances and Contract Labour.


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User Defined Fields

Create any additional field of your choice and store important data of your employees like visa expiry date or aadhar number. You can also track assets given to employees like laptops, data cards, and mobile phones.

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Get all important information in a nutshell with customizable dashboards based on your role. If you are an HR manager, you can view dashboards on headcount number, attrition rate, and gender ratio. Similarly, you can view all dashboards related to salary payments and statutory compliances payment if you are a finance manager.

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Salary Templates

Configure even most complex salary structures with ease by creating multiple salary templates for various categories of employees, and mapping employees to their relevant salary templates.

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Automatic Upgrades

No longer worry about changes in laws of income tax, PF, PT, or ESI. All changes in laws are automatically updated in Pratyasa and you always get accurate statutory and compliance reports based on latest laws.

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Stop/Release Payment

Keep salaries of specific employees on hold when you are not sure whether an employee will return back to work or not. Pay salaries on hold, whenever you want, by unlocking stop payment and process salary along with arrears of previous months.

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Role Based Security Access

Create multiple roles for different departments and define which user has access to which data based on their roles. e.g. Give view, edit, or delete permission of only HR related information of all employees to your HR manager and restrict the reporting manager’s access to view only leave details of his subordinates.


Payroll Services

Salary Processing

Monthly payroll processing
Processing of employees’ claims related to payroll
Processing of variable salary components like performance bonus and incentives
Management and scrutiny of employee tax saving declarations and proof


Reports Preparation


Payroll Payout

  • Payroll Transfer Reconciliation (Payment Type-Wise)
  • Payroll JV
  • Citi Bank Excel Exporter
  • Payroll JV - Reimbursements
  • Payment Register
  • Bank Transfer Statement
  • Salary Register (Cash)
  • Payroll Transfer Summaries
  • Other Payroll Transfer Statements


Payroll Control

  • Employee Reconciliation Report
  • Negative Cost Report
  • Duplicate Report
  • Payroll Reconciliation
  • Payroll Reconciliation-Consolidated



  • Loan Transaction Report
  • Loan Summary Report
  • Loan Balance Report



  • Reimbursement Overall Entitlement Summary Report
  • Reimbursement Summary Report
  • Reimbursement Claim Report
  • Reimbursement Transaction Report
  • Reimbursement Balance Report



  • Negative Leave Balance
  • Year Wise Summary Report
  • Day Wise Leave Transaction Report
  • Leave Availed Report
  • Leave Balance As On A Day
  • Leave Encashment Report
  • Leave Backdated Report
  • Leave Transaction Report


Trouble Ticket

  • Trouble Tickets Report
  • Response Time Report (Trouble Ticket)


MIS Reports

  • Compensation Item Statement - Monthly
  • Anniversary Report
  • Overrides Report (Item Wise)
  • ESI Arrear Report
  • Bonus Statement
  • Settlement Report
  • LIC Statement
  • Compensation Item Statement - Consolidated
  • YTD Summary Report
  • Arrear Report
  • PF Arrear Report
  • Salary Payout Reconciliation Report
  • YTD Statement
  • Transition wise Head Count Report
  • Employee Family Details
  • Resettlement Report
  • Overrides Report (Employee Wise)



  • Consolidated Batch wise Claim Details Report
  • Employee Wise Consolidated Claim Report
  • Employee Wise Template Claim Report
  • Claims Group Batch Details Report
  • Employee Wise Claim Items Report
  • Employee Wise Consolidated Claim Report II
  • Batch wise Claim Details Report
  • Claims Reviewer Info Report
  • Claims Reconciliation Report - Claims
  • Claim Details Report - Claims

Statutory Compliances

Statutory Compliances

The Shops and Commercial Establishments Act










The Payment of Gratuity Act








The Maternity Benefit Act





The Payment of Wages Act

Register of wage - Rule 5

Register of fine in Form 1 (Rule 3)

            Display of notice of dates of payment not less than 2 months in advance

A Register of advances and recoveries in Form III (Rule 19)


The Minimum Wages Act

Muster roll-cum-Wages/salary Register in Form XXII

Overtime register in Form IX

Register of Fines, Deductions and Advances in Form I

Display of notice in form X

Wage slip in Form VI to every employee.


The Payment of Bonus Act

Form A

Form B

Form C

Form D




Employees’ Provident Funds & Miscellaneous Provisions Act

  • PF - Form 19 - Employee PF Claim Form
  • PF - Form 10 - Consolidated statement of members leaving PF
  • PF - Form 10C - Employee Pension Scheme
  • PF Wage Ceiling Increase - Analysis Report
  • PF - Combined Challan Report
  • PF - Form R1 - Monthly Return for Employees
  • PF - Summary Report
  • Labor Welfare Fund - Form D
  • PF - Form 5 - Consolidated statement of members joining PF
  • Form 11 - Register of Adult Workers
  • NPS Contribution Report
  • PF - Form 6A - Consolidated Statement For Contribution Card
  • PF - ECR Format
  • Form T
  • PF - Form 12A - PF Monthly Statement of Consolidation paid
  • PF - Form 3A
  • PF - Monthly Statement


Employees’ State Insurance Act

  • ESI - Form 7 - Half Yearly Statement
  • ESI - Challan Report
  • ESI - Form 6 - Half Yearly Statement
  • ESI Monthly Report Upload Format
  • ESI - Monthly Statement
  • Form R Wages Report
  • ESI - Monthly Summary Report
  • ESI - Form5 Half Yearly


Income-tax Act

  • IT Savings Previous Employment Report
  • Income Tax Liability Report
  • IT Savings Other Reports
  • Income Tax Statement
  • Income Tax - Form 16A
  • Proof Of Investment Declaration
  • Income Tax - Monthly Statement
  • Income Tax Statement - Consolidated
  • IT Savings Reports
  • Annual Tax Report
  • IT Savings Chapter6 Report


PT - Profession Tax

  • Profession Tax - Form 5A
  • Profession Tax - Form 5A
  • Form 5A - Professional Tax Annual Return




  • Muster Roll and a Register of Wages in Form XVI and Form XVII respectively when combined.
  • Register or wage-cum-Muster Roll in Form XVII where the wage period is a fortnight or less.
  • Register of Deductions for damage or loss, Register or Fines and Register of Advances in Form XX, from XXI and Form XXII respectively.
  • Register of Overtime in Form XXIII.
  • Wage slips in Form XIX, to the workmen at least a day prior to the disbursement of wages.



Finding the perfect or ideal candidate quickly and cost-effectively is not easy in any market. Global Talent Pool would meet you to discuss the details of a particular role and the exact technical skills required, and then advise on one or a combination of the following methods:

Executive Search & Placement

This method lends itself well to either a senior level appointment or within a sector/discipline where there is an acute shortage of candidates.

This method would be conducted on a retained assignment basis, and would typically include bespoke research of the market to identify highly skilled and well matched candidates. We would approach target candidates, and conduct detailed interviewing/assessment techniques to assess their match to role and your company, and to deliver a high caliber shortlist.

Advertisement campaign
Depending on the level of the appointment and technical discipline, we would advise carefully on the choice of media for advertising. A well-presented, timely and attractive style advertisement in the correct media may help to draw out strong candidates who are not already registered with recruitment companies, thereby enhancing an existing shortlist.

Talent Pool Network

We can make good use of our extensive network of contacts in your market to get referrals of potential candidates, particularly in a situation where there is a scarcity of appropriate candidates.

Database CVs

This is a detailed review of our current and back database of candidates, leading to potential candidates that we feel are appropriate to put forward for a particular role. Global Talent Pool ensures that you will not be wasting time flicking through large volumes of inappropriate candidate CVs. We can also quickly provide CVs for consideration for fixed term contract or temporary tax roles.

The choice of method will be largely influenced by the level and specialism of the appointment, your own recruitment processes, and the urgency of the appointment. Often, it will be necessary to adopt a combination of the above methods in order to create the best quality shortlist of candidates within the time limitations.

Staffing Solutions

Staffing Solutions

This is a well-accepted norm in global companies; many large organizations are now hiring a part of their workforce from employee leasing firms. Our Clients can avail from our pool of selected candidates for their requirement for a specified period. The employees would be in Akshauhini HR Services Pvt Ltd rolls and Akshauhini HR Services Pvt Ltd thus takes care of the statutory obligations of the employees deputed for a particular project. Our contract staffing/temporary staffing provides flexible, cost-effective and quick solution for your staffing needs.